2010年は特定非営利活動法人Athletic Sports Club Todoroki(略してNPO法人 AC等々力)として活動してまいりますのでどうぞよろしくお願い致します。

 AC Todoroki was a departure of a ship from ZERO with nothing, too in 2009.
However, it was loved little by little by the people in the region in Kawasaki City Nakahara Ward, Takatsu Ward, and the product district, and it was possible to grow up with the Saiwai Ward ,
club while knowing true happiness of soccer through training for which players also used the brain of soccer of AC Todoroki.
AC Todoroki starts accomplishing further development in 2010.
It came to act as AC knowledged NPO (incorporated nonprofit organization) from wanting the activity as the club of establishment and the accounting of not a group arbitrary now but the organization that lasted long that aimed at the transparency etc. , was trusted from the people in the region, and loved in socially and the law. My best regards because of acting as NPO Athletic Sports Club Todoroki in 2010.